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BiXBiT announced a new Bug-Bounty program as a part of testing their products

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BiXBiT announced a new Bug-Bounty program as a part of testing their products

The BiXBiT Dev division has launched a monitoring system (AMS) that will help make mining more safe & convenient.  Users are invited to participate in the Bug-Bounty program as testing of a new system and make suggestions for improving the program. Also, the parent company BiXBiT has created immersion cooling for cryptomining, which is recognized as innovative. About unique developments for miners — further.

The monitoring system (AMS) from BiXBiT Dev now can be tested by any user. At the same time, miners are invited to leave feedback about the system, suggest ways to improve it and make objective comments. You can also try to find the system’s vulnerabilities and AMS bugs. The company does not focus on the last two factors, but nevertheless they can be considered.

BiXBiT bounty program

As an innovative project, BiXBiT combined the classic Bug Bounty program and the Giveaway referral program. As a result, the referral system acted as an additional incentive that motivated more users to join the project.

The company offers to become participants of the main prize drawing within the Seasonal Bug Bounty project. Seasonal drawings are very relevant, as every season a new version of the product is offered.

In order to get the maximum number of points, you need to leave a review, submit a video, do additional reviews on social media or invite new participants. The company provides a table that shows how many points you can get for an action. When evaluating a review, attention is paid to its usefulness and informativeness.

Duration date: Bounty program will continue for one month from the start date.

How to participate in a bounty program?

First, you should register on the BiXBiT bounty website. After filling in all the necessary information for the Bounty, you can start testing.

To start testing, you should log in to your AMC on BiXBiT website and download the firmware to his device. The firmware can save you up to 20% of total energy consumption and reduce your fees.After testing the system, you can leave your feedback on the website. As a bonus, the company offers an award to the winner who will leave the most detailed and useful feedback.

Also, when testing the system, all users automatically become members of the referral program. Everyone is given a referral code that can be used to invite new members. Points are awarded for a review left, a video sent, additional reviews and invited users.

Testing of the BiXBiT ecosystem is offered at a reduced fee or without it at all. At the same time, a branded ASIC is available to users. And, of course, the opportunity to win prizes should be considered as a motivation for activity. In the future, the AMS system will be supplemented.

It should be noted that BiXBiT is an experienced developer and implementer of innovative solutions for immersion cooling. The company’s proposals are very important when conducting cryptocurrency mining operations. High hash rates of mining equipment during overclocking and high-quality temperature control are the opportunities that the company creates.

BiXBiT immersion cooling systems

BiXBiT has repeatedly surprised miners with high-quality submersible cooling systems. These were racks, cells, as well as containers for full-fledged mining. Miners also got access to state-of-the-art firmware that optimizes settings and improves hashrate capabilities.

Core Advantages of immersion cooling

The advantage of immersion cooling is the use of a non-conductive liquid for more efficient heat dissipation. The advantage of this design is that there are no fine particulate emissions in the form of dust, which is helpful in better equipment protection. Along with noise reduction, this reduces energy costs by up to 30%.

Unlike other vendors, BiXBiT immersion cooling systems are compatible with ASICs designed for air cooling. This allows you to significantly reduce equipment costs without losing cooling efficiency.

Noise reduction makes it possible to ensure favorable working conditions. While the SRT systems equipped with air cooling are supplemented with muffling covers, as well as other similar devices, usually the noise flow is reduced only at the limit of up to 20 dB. Just a feature of immersion cooling is that the system reduces the noise level to a slightly noticeable indicator.

Will BiXBiT become an innovation in cryptomining?

For five years, BiXBiT has been creating innovations for mining cryptocurrencies.

The company offers miners safe and efficient equipment. At the same time, the details of the original design are well thought out and maximum mining performance is created.

BiXBiT miners are supplemented with submersible cooling systems. This property makes it possible to form a productive use of space and improve the potential value of the hashrate. After all, really effective cooling is carried out. The firmware performance is high, which is also important.

Results. BiXBiT offers unique solutions for miners. BiXBiT’s innovative cooling systems allow you to use space more productively, increasing the value of the hashrate. The supplied equipment is able to activate business processes, regardless of the scale of the business.

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