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Growth & Development: Our Mendix Case Studies

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Growth & Development Our Mendix Case Studies

Software is consuming the world. Enterprises across the globe now depend on software to remain competitive. This has resulted in the continued increasing demand for developers. Low-code platforms provide remarkable value for enterprises around the planet. Their demand is exploding due to their capabilities to address developer talent shortages and hasten software development.

Mendix is the global leader in the business low-code platform field. The platform was developed to handle issues with custom software development, which is slow, siloed, and normally fails to deliver planned organization results. Mendix makes application development more collaborative, easier, and faster than ever.

Read on and learn more about Mendix and the unbelievable solutions delivered by this platform to various organizations. Here are several case studies whose growth and development have been inspired by the Mendix low-code platform.

Agile Development at AZL

AZL is established in the Netherlands as a well-known pension fund administrator. The company embraced Mendix to address its continued need for pension plan enforcement. They needed a solution where workers could access employer information regarding pension administration. Mendix solution has enabled software development where AZL has released employee, participant, and customer portals.

Embracing a low-code platform has enabled AZL to develop great applications and upgrade their work. With Mendix, AZL adopted agile methodologies that enabled fast prototyping and iteration. The new agile way of thinking allowed the company to create advanced applications that offer the best customer experiences. These applications simplified work and clarified what customers would expect and when.

Traditionally, AZL users fill out a lot of paperwork and make complicated decisions. There were concerns about poor communications and lengthy processing. However, these users can currently leverage any device and compare schemes like early and late retirement. They can input information into the application and avert the complex paperwork.

MainPlus Realizes Speedy Enterprise Growth

MainPlus deliver services related to property and real estate maintenance and management. The company was anticipating digitalizing its whole maintenance process. This would enhance the efficiency and flexibility of maintenance partners and employees and deliver a better experience for renters. 

MainPlus used an application developed on an inflexible software solution. The company was looking forward to growing and scaling its operations, but its application limitations were a significant barrier. Using the Mendix platform, the company created a new and unique application version. The application supports the entire repair request process, from planning, intake, quality control, repair, and invoicing to reporting.

Intake processes are now self-serviced digitally, and the application permits comprehensive customer self-service. Therefore, the call center has flexible hours, and the homeowners and renters have unlimited connections to the request center. 

Leveraging the low-code platform allowed MainPlus to create a new application and improve and scale its business. Also, the enterprise could develop an application within one year and not four years like before. In this case, the company realized growth rapidly due to the enhanced development speed. 

Customer Profit Maximation Using Customized Mobile App-Trouw Nutrition

Trouw Nutrition company delivers feed and nutrition to farmers with the aim of upbringing animals more sustainably and smartly. The company used the Mendix platform to help with the company’s shift to a more profitable and sustainable farm. The platform enabled Trouw to develop a FarmProfit application that could access the current productivity status and offer actionable recommendations to help meet their goals. Also, the application offered products, services, and supporting resources that enhance their long-term daily yields. 

Mendix functionalities made the company’s app intuitive hence easy to use and cost-effective. One of the key elements of the application is delivering personalization related to user inputs. The application incorporates two languages, and the organization is still working on building other languages. Therefore, users can get more information on how to achieve their goals using the company’s resources, learn more about recommended products, and reach out to a specialist to gain more insights using the application.

Employing the Mendix platform, the enterprise could gain speed and control and immediately put their FarmProfit application in App Store. The farm easily receives feedback from farmers and has been able to develop quickly. Also, the application delivers a comprehensive overview of the farm, including financial matters and insights into its capabilities of production optimization. Farmers can readily access the necessary support tools and make the right decisions.

Empowering Development in The City of Rotterdam

Delivering at least one hundred applications in any enterprise environment is difficult. But, providing more than one hundred applications to the public sector within 4years to better the lives of more than half a million individuals sounds more ambitious. Nevertheless, this is undoubtedly what the City of Rotterdam has achieved after embracing low code.

In the previous decade, the city had challenges finding solutions to the escalating public demand for better digital experiences, severe data privacy concerns, and the gap between business information technology (IT) and stakeholders. Partnering with Mendix became a significant jump-starter for the city’s success. Mendix offered an approved framework that the information management team could effortlessly follow through low-code implementation.

Over time, the development of internal applications promoted worthwhile citizen engagement. Employees identified additional opportunities to use these adaptable digital interfaces to enhance departmental interactions with individuals across services. Rotterdam began with applications that would improve internal processes. Within a short period, they had requests to provide public-facing solutions for external users.

Currently, they develop applications for partner cooperation where they digitize processes outside the city. Mendix has allowed the development of a native mobile application that offers straightforward ways of scheduling various material collections for business owners. Additionally, an application helps visitors and citizens reserve parking spaces across the city from their mobile devices. Pinpointing and delivering fast and efficient help to citizens when they need it most is the incredible achievement of the city’s team, made possible by leveraging a low-code platform.


Mendix platform delivers a distinct approach to low-code application development. Its visual development approach incorporates model-driven logic and drag-and-drop elements. This allows developers with diverse experiences to develop applications that steer modernization and business growth. 

We hope the article was informative and interesting. Visit our blog now and gain more insights on this effective and amazing low-code platform!

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